Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Wisconsin vegetable growers

Top Wisconsin vegetable growers
21st Annual American Vegetable Grower Top 100

October 2008

Rank among Northern growers (acreage)

#2 Hartung Brothers - snap beans, sweet corn, cucumbers, beets, carrots, peas, lima beans
#3 Paramount Farms - potatoes, sweet corn, beans, peas

#5 Heartland Farms - potatoes, sweet corn, beans, peas

#12 Borzynski Farms - cabbage, sweet corn, peas, peppers

#14 Wysocki Produce Farm - potatoes, beans, peas, sweet corn, pickles

#15 Bula Gieringer Farms - potatoes, sweet corn, peas, beans

#18 Weekly Farms - potatoes, beans, sweet corn, peas

#19 Gary Bula Farms - potatoes, snap beans, peas, sweet corn

#21 Sowinski Farms - potatoes, beans, peas

#23 Worzella & Sons - potatoes, sweet corn, beans

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