Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Preserving biodiversity: Seed saving and Seed banks

Who preserves and controls crop biodiversity?  
How and why do they do it? 

* Agriculture, biodiversity and markets : livelihoods and agroecology in comparative perspective

* Agrobiodiversity hotspots : access and benefit sharing

* Banishing the biopirates : a new approach to protecting traditional knowledge

* Biopiracy of biodiversity : global exchange as enclosure

* Confronting biopiracy : Challenges, cases and international debates 

* Conserving plant genetic diversity in protected areas : population management of crop wild relatives

* Economics of managing crop diversity on-farm : Case studies from the Genetic Resources Policy Initiative

* Future control of food : a guide to international negotiations and rules on intellectual property, biodiversity and food security

* Garden seed inventory : an inventory of seed catalogs listing all non-hybrid vegetable seeds available in the United States and Canada

* Gardening with heirloom seeds : tried-and-true flowers, fruits, and vegetables for a new generation

* Genetic resources, traditional knowledge and the law : solutions for access and benefit sharing

* Governing agrobiodiversity : plant genetics and developing countries

* Heirloom tomato : from garden to table : recipes, portraits, and history of the world’s most beautiful fruit

* Heirloom vegetable gardening : a master gardener’s guide to planting, growing, seed saving, and cultural history

* Orchard invisible : a natural history of seeds

* Patenting lives : life patents, culture and development

* Plant conservation genetics

* Saving seeds : the economics of conserving crop genetic resources ex situ in the future harvest centres of the CGIAR

* Seed conservation : turning science into practice

* Seed diversity in the drylands : women and farming in South India

* Seed hunter [film]

* Seed to seed : seed saving and growing techniques for vegetable gardeners

* Seed trade in rural markets : implications for crop diversity and agricultural development

* Seeds, sex and civilization : how the hidden life of plants has shaped our world

* Sowing autonomy : gender and seed politics in semi-arid India

* Viking in the wheat field : a scientist’s struggle to preserve the world’s harvest