Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CAS SciFinder for Biological Research

SciFinder for Biological Research

Wed., Nov. 9, 1-2pm Central Time
Tues., Nov. 15, 5-6am Central Time
Tues., Nov. 15, 11am-12noon Central Time 
Tues., Nov. 15, 5-6pm Central Time

Register: http://casevents.webex.com 

SciFinder Web (Chemical Abstracts) supports interdisciplinary research by covering topics such as drug-target interactions, biomarkers and enzymes, as well as many other topics of interest for the biomedical scientist. 

Learn how to:
- Locate literature on your research topics.
- Find target molecules.
- Stay current with "Keep Me Posted" alerts

After you register, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation containing the teleconference phone numbers.

If you can't attend the e-Seminar broadcasts, the presentation will be available for on-demand viewing from the same URL after Nov. 15.

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