Friday, November 21, 2008

Changes to SciFinder Scholar off-campus use

To set up WiscVPN for Scifinder Scholar access from off-campus:

  1. Reserve a WiscVPN static IP address.
  2. Download and install the current WiscVPN client
  3. Verify that you can connect using the dynamic profile.
  4. Locate the on-campus static profile.
  5. SAVE in the profiles directory of the VPN client - C:\ProgramFiles\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\profiles
  6. Launch WiscVPN.
  7. Click WiscVPN-OnCampusStatic.
  8. Click CONNECT.
  9. Enter your STATIC VPN LOGIN and your NetID PASSWORD.

To access SciFinder Scholar from off-campus:

  1. Launch WiscVPN.
  2. Click WiscVPN-OnCampusStatic.
  3. Click CONNECT.
  4. Launch SciFinder Scholar.

What is the SciFinder Scholar database?

  • Article abstracts from 10,000+ scientific journals
  • Cover-to-cover coverage for more than 1,500 key chemical journals (1994+)
  • Patent references from 57 authorities around the world
  • Abstracts for conference proceedings, technical reports, books, dissertations
  • 39 million+ organic and inorganic chemical substances - synonyms, molecular formulas, structure diagrams, properties
  • 16 million+ single- and multi-step chemical reactions
  • 60 million+ sequences from CAS and GenBank, linked to journal and patent literature
  • Chemical supplier and regulatory information

Subject areas:

  • Biochemistry - agrochemical regulators, biochemical genetics, fermentation, immunochemistry, pharmacology
  • Organic chemistry - amino acids, biomolecules, carbohydrates, organometallic compounds, steroids
  • Macromolecular chemistry - cellulose, lignin, paper, coatings, inks, dyes, organic pigments, synthetic elastomers, textiles, fibers
  • Applied chemistry - air pollution, ceramics, essential oils, cosmetics, fossil fuels, ferrous metals, alloys
  • Physical, inorganic, analytical chemistry - surface chemistry, catalysts, phase equilibrium, nuclear phenomena, electrochemistry

See also: our SciFinder Scholar library guide.

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