Thursday, December 18, 2008

Student bus pass pickup at Steenbock

Student Bus Pass

Steenbock Library will become a new pick-up location for Spring/Summer 09 student bus passes, since Union South is closing. Students can also still pick them up at Memorial Union.

Free bus passes will be available in these two locations Monday-Friday January 12-16 from 10am - 5pm, and Monday-Friday January 20-30 from 10am - 6pm.

Starting Monday, February 4, both new and replacement passes will be available only at the new StudentPrint location, Monday-Friday from 10am - 6:30pm.

Faculty/Staff Bus Pass

Free bus passes for UW-Madison faculty, academic staff, classified staff, post docs, LTEs and emeriti can be picked up at one of the UW Transportation Services Offices. These passes are good from September 1 - August 31 each year.

Additionally, employees of UW Hospital, WI Alumni Association, UW Foundation, WI Historical Society and WARF are eligible for these passes.

Graduate and undergraduate student employees should instead pick up the free student bus pass (see above).

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