Thursday, April 9, 2009

White papers and pre-prints

Working papers, white papers, gray literature, pre-prints, technical reports, conference presentations...

There's a wealth of research publications that don't fall into the categories of "journal article" or "book" -

ASABE Technical Library

Publications of the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers:
  • Standards, meeting papers, conference proceedings, lecture series, journals, and more
Conference Papers Index

Index to presentations from such conferences as:
  • Annual Conference of the American Society for Horticultural Science
  • Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America
  • Congress of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology
  • International Plant Protection Congress
  • Symposium on Horticulture in Europe
  • Symposium on Insect-Plant Relationships
NTIS (National Technical Information Service)

Published results of U.S. federally-funded research, such as:
  • Documentation and User Guides for SPBLOB: A Computer Simulation Model of the Joint Population Dynamics for Loblolly Pine and the Southern Pine Beetle (Forest Service)
  • Honey (National Agricultural Statistics Service)
  • Invasive Species Databases: Proceedings of a Workshop held in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 12-13, 1998
  • National Plant Genome Initiative: 2009-2013 (National Science and Technology Council)
  • Rice: Situation and Outlook Yearbook 2008 (Economic Research Service)
  • Soybean Rust: A Rising Star in Phytopathology (Department of Energy, Joint Genome Inst.)
Arxiv E-prints

The Quantitative Biology subject area includes subcategories for:
Science Accelerator

Publications of the U.S. Department of Energy, such as:
  • Bioenergy Alliance high-tonnage bioenergy crop production and conversion into conventional fuels
  • Bioenergy Feedstock Development Program status report
  • Development of a nematode biocontrol agent for agriculture
  • Microbially derived agriculture crop protection products
SSRN (Social Science Research Network)

Focus on socioeconomics, but still a source of plant and insect research such as:
  • Actual Crop Water Use in Project Countries: A Synthesis at the Regional Level (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 4288)
  • Analysis of Crop Choice: Adapting to Climate Change in Latin American Farms (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 4162)
  • Conserving Crop Genetic Resources on Smallholder Farms in Hungary: Institutional Analysis (FEEM Working Paper No. 63.04)
  • Crop Diversification in Orissa: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis (Jawaharlal Nehru University Working Paper Series)
  • Insect Resistance Management for Bt Corn: An Assessment of Community Refuge Schemes (AgBioForum)
  • Trends in Australian Agriculture (Productivity Commission Research Paper)

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