Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2008 Journal impact factors released

2008 Journal impact factors released

Thomson Reuters has just published the 2008 Journal Citation Reports, available to UW-Madison library users. These metrics, including the "impact factor," can be used to compare journal performance. JCR includes 8,000+ highly cited, peer-reviewed journals from around the world.

New features:

  • 350+ new journals with their first published impact factor
  • Updated 5-year impact factors and Eigenfactor metrics
  • "Journal self cites" analyzes the contribution of self-citation to the impact factor (20 journals were dropped from JCR due to high self citation rates)
  • "Rank in category" for each journal's subject area, along with a box plot of impact factor distribution for all journals in that category

Top 3 in Agronomy by impact factor:

  1. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
  2. Theoretical and Applied Genetics
  3. Advances in Agronomy

Top 3 in Entomology by impact factor:

  1. Annual Review of Entomology
  2. Advances in Insect Physiology
  3. Insect Molecular Biology

Top 3 in Horticulture by impact factor:

  1. Theoretical and Applied Genetics
  2. Tree Genetics and Genomes
  3. Postharvest Biology and Technology

Top 3 in Plant Sciences by impact factor:

  1. Annual Review of Plant Biology
  2. Annual Review of Phytopathology
  3. Plant Cell

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