Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Updated: Crop Protection Compendium

UW-Madison Libraries subscribe to the Crop Protection Compendium database from CABI, which is now available on their new interface in beta.

This online multi-media resource can be searched by keyword, or browsed by animals (arachnids, molluscs, nematodes, birds, mammals), bacteria, fungi, oomycetes, plants, protozoa, unknown aetiology, and viruses.  It includes:

* 2,800+ detailed data sheets on crops, crop pests, diseases, weeds, invasive plants, natural enemies, pesticides and biopesticides

* Information on an additional 27,000 species, including distribution maps

* 8,000+ pictures to allow for easy identification and teaching

* 200,000 article records from the CAB Abstracts database (updated weekly), including 6,500 full-text journal and conference articles

* 9,000+ term interactive glossary

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