Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gardening mini-courses

Wisconsin Union Mini-Courses are open to all students, staff, faculty, and the public.

Gardening 101 - Tuesday, April 21th and Tuesday, April 28th
"This class will cover basic gardening information for common vegetables and flowers. We will focus on the differences between annuals and perennials; sun, soil, fertilizer and watering requirements; propagation methods, such as seeds versus plants; planting and maintenance requirements for specific plants; green gardening practices and will customize a garden plan for each student. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Marvin and Kathryn Schiedermayer, owners of Garden Spirit Co. tend their two-acre prairie along with their herb, vegetable and potager gardens in New Glarus."

Gardening by the Moon - Tuesday, March 24th
"The moon and all of its magic is closely connected with gardening and herbs. Explore the lunar connection of specific herbs and the best times to plant and harvest the herbs based on the phases of the moon. Explore interesting uses for the herbs. Uncover the lore and legend of both the moon and the herbs. A once in blue moon opportunity to learn more about the moon and the various herbs and plants, gardening techniques, rituals, goddesses and activities that are associated with the moon's cycles. Unravel an outer space mystery and garden with the moon! 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Kathryn Schiedermayer, an herbal and gardening educator for many years and owner of The Garden Spirit Co."

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