Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Plant + insect movie archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that preserves public access to websites, out-of-copyright book texts, audio (including live music), and video in digital format.
Over 158,000 movies can be watched online, or downloaded as files, including:
  • Andy Leigh: Terrestrial Plant Ecophysiology (2008) - "Biologist Andrea Leigh speaks to Shannon Jones about her research into how leaves deal with heat." University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

  • Gardening (1940) - "Follows a boy and a girl through a garden-raising project from the selection of seeds to the harvesting of the crops. Includes radishes, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes. Emphasizes aspects of soils, growth, role of the sun, insect pests and the various parts of plants used for food--leaves, stems, buds and roots."

  • Goodbye, Mr. Roach (ca.1959) - "Detailed film about cockroaches, their habits and methods of extermination, with a harrowing sequence of roach nymphs hatching." Clemson College Extension Service.

  • Goodbye, Mrs. Ant (1959) - "The life cycle and habits of the ant, and how to control and exterminate them with insecticides. Begins with a wonderful sequence in which we hear ants screaming "We're hungry! We're hungry!"" University of Georgia, Agricultural Extension Service.

  • Hemp for Victory (1942) - "U.S. government propaganda film made during WWII touting the virtues of hemp. The film was aimed at farmers at a time when the miltary was facing a shortage of hemp, it shows how hemp is grown and processed into rope and other products."

  • The Plow that Broke the Plains (1936) - "Classic drama which details the Great Plains during the Depression. With Cinematography by Leo Hurwitz, Ralph Steiner, Paul Ivano and Paul Strand. Selected for the 1999 National Film Registry of "artistically, culturally, and socially significant" films."

  • The Southerner (1945) - "Jean Renoir's classic tale of a cotton picker (Zachary Scott) who moves his wife (Betty Field) and children to a run down farm in hopes that they can grow their own cotton and make for a better future."

  • Weed Ecology: Competition (2008) - "[Powerpoint] lecture about crop/weed competition for resources." Andrew Kniss, University of Wyoming.

  • Who Shall Reap? (1969) - "Insects or humans? Weeds, diseases, and other pestilence that confound farmers and threaten the worlds food supply."

  • Zaagkii Wings & Seeds Project: Northern Michigan teens and KBIC tribal youth protecting pollinators (2008) - "Northern Michigan teens are on a mission to protect pollinators by helping butterflies and restoring native plants to areas of the Upper Peninsula."

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